Healthy Living

The way you live affects how you work out and how successful you will be in that routine. Below are some tips on healthy living that I hope will increase your general wellness and prepare you for a successful road to fitness.


HEALTH - "Drinking water"

Please drink at least 10 cups of water a day. That can be 2 large water bottles. Water clears your system and makes you feel full. Drinking lots of water also forces your body to flush out any excess water that you may be retaining.


BEAUTY - "No More Dryness:

August brings hot sun which means dry, iritated, chaped skin (BEAUTY TIP OF THE MONTH) For baby soft skin, simply pour 1/3 cup of Neutrogena body oil or baby oil under the tap while running your bath. It will smooth away the dry skin to leave your skin feeling baby soft all over.


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WELLNESS - "If You've Been Sick"

"If you've been sick, germs can linger on your tooth brush, waiting to reinfect you. TheAmerican DentalAssociation (ADHA) says to toss your toothbrush once you're feeling better, and guess what, it's also a good idea to replace it every 2-3 months.

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REST - "Get lots of it"

The average adult needs 8 hours of sleep. Sufficient sleep helps your muscles to grow when you work out, keeps your mind alert, and gives you a better disposition overall.

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CHOCOLATE -"Darker is better"

White chocolate contains all the cocoa butter, milk, and sugar found in brown chocolate, but it lacks nonfat cocoa solid--the very ingredient believed to give the brown sweet its potential health benefits (because the solids contain possibly heart-protective flavonoid antioxidants). In general, the darker the chocolate, the more flavonoids it contains. So, enjoy the dark chocolate-in moderation, of course.

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