Healthy Living - The way you live affects how you work out and how successful you will be in that routine. Below are some tips on healthy living that I hope will increase your general wellness and prepare you for a successful road to fitness Read more .

Fitness Articles - Midajah.Com offers fresh Articles every week to help women of all ages, pregnant, lactating or requiring special health care to help them better understand their health needs and then move in the direction to take care of themselves.

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Getting In Shape - Getting in shape is more than sticking to a diet or losing weight. True fitness is combination of eating the right foods and getting the proper amount of exercise. Read More

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Losing Weight and Looking Great - Proper diet and exercise is the only road to gaining muscle and / or losing fat -- there are no short-cuts (except for dangerous and illegal Drugs)! No "miracle" exercise device or supplement can build muscle or burn fat, as the key to transforming a skinny, overweight, or average body is proper diet/ exercise techniques. Read More

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